Static as I change tempo?

I use both Loopy and Loopy HD in my live set as it allows me to load different loops/tracks in while keeping the audio flowing (no awkward silence!). Lately I've been trying to do some tempo changes through the transitions as I have done for years in Ableton Live on my laptop. The issue I'm having is that the sound gets crackly (especially with Loopy) as I ramp tempo up and down using my MIDI controller. Any way around this issue?


  • hey, are you talking about the glitches as Loopy renders the new time-stretched audio files? I think Loopy has always had this effect. It lasts a moment for each loop. I don't think there is any way around it :-/ unless you can mute the tracks as they are rendered.

  • Thanks @Hmtx . Yes, this happens on rendering as the loop is time stretched to the tempo change. Will work around the tempo change for now.

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