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transfer sessions from one device to another

edited August 2012 in General

Is there any way to transfer loopy sessions (folders) from one device to another? I want to transfer some sessions from my iPod touch to my iPad now that the upgrade supports the retina display properly.


  • There is, yep - you'll need to transfer what you need from your Touch to your Mac/PC using iTunes or iExplorer (from the Apps tab at the bottom), then zip it all up, and transfer the zip file onto your iPad the same way. Loopy will automatically unzip on the iPad.

  • I didn't know that about the zips. Very cool.

  • Just now I had to transfer music from my PC to my ipod using the https://softorino.com/waltr/other/how-put-music-ipod-classic/ guide. I think you can also use it to solve this problem by using your PC as an intermediary between the iPod and the iPad.

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