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Hi All,

I'm composing/performing music for a theatre show, and Loopy HD is the perfect companion. I've experimented with Ableton Live 9 and I don't think it's as quick and easy to use, particularly when changing scenes. I have a selection of gear that I want to use, but I've hit a bit of a wall finding a way to connect them all together. Heres what I have:

iPad mini 2
Focusrite iTrack Dock
Novation Launchkey 25
KMI (Keith Macmillan) Softstep 2

I want 3 mics (violin, 2 vocal), 1 jack lead (guitar) to go into the unit. This I believe I can get around by directing multiple inputs from a separate interface into the the iTrack Dock. (if you have any better methods please suggest.)

The issue that I'm really struggling to resolve is having both the Launchkey and KMI midi units working together. The iTrack dock only features 1 usb input, and apparently a usb hub doesn't work (though I haven't tried with self powered powered usb hub). I need the KMI to trigger loops with my feet when I'm playing instruments, and I need the Launchkey for including piano (and samples with the pads).

Can you suggest any way to make these units work together? Alternative setups suggestions are also welcome (such as switching out the iTrack for something else).



  • Epiphany! In regards to the amount of instruments requiring input, I think I can simply use an xlr splitter instead of using a whole new unit.

    My main question is regarding the MIDI Keyboard & Controller.

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    For various MIDI interfaces, recommended use of a USB hub powered.
    What about the audio inputs (instruments, microphones), I think a USB mixer (q802usb) would be best.

    (Will also depend on how many simultaneous channels of audio usb you need. A mixer will only have two channels)

  • Thanks Maya, I'll give that a shot

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