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Start and stop first track like hardware pedal

I have tried changing all the settings for count in/out but don't seem to be able to get a track to stop recording and use the track without it adding silent time. This seems to indicate that I always need to do the first track with a set metronome bpm and fixed number of bars. Is that right?

This isn't a problem I guess when using Loopy at home, but I would think it is restrictive when using it for live performance. No?


  • You should be able to get a perfectly recorded first loop with Loopy without pre-set bpm. Are you tapping the screen? or using an external foot pedal connected via MIDI?

  • Tapping the screen. I have a guitar input through an iTrack dock.

    I will try using the pads on my keyboard to tart and stop loopy and see if that makes a difference. I haven't invested in foot pedals yet - I will probably get a Blueboard.

  • got it, you should be able to get this working either way.

    Some other troubleshooting ideas:

    • make sure you "force close" all other apps before opening Loopy. if you don't it can affect audio in Loopy.
    • check Loopy's latency settings. If you have a 64-bit device Loopy can easily handle lowest latency settings at 128 frames.
    • after the above, then connect your iTrack dock. It will set its audio settings based on Loopy.
  • Thanks. I am getting into it now. I made a pad on an old drum machine send toggle record with no countin/out and used that on the floor:-) It works well enough for me to experiment before buying some real foot pedals!

    The main issue is now with me being able to play guitar and press the button with my foot at the right time. Practice should fix that. Thanks for your helpful comments.

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