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Loopy + My homemade audio gear = Sonic goodness

A few if you might remember a video I shared a while back where I incorporated Loopy into a performance with my homemade musical instruments. My videos ended up attracting a lot of attention, and this design agency reached out to me, asking if I would bring my gear out to Austin so they could host a performance at SXSW. Unfortunately they ended up backing out, saying that the SXSW thing wasn't going to be feasible for them after all, but by that time I had already invested a huge amount of time putting together a performance. So I decided to continue working on my performance, and just find a different venue for it. I'm still working on finding a venue, but here's a little video excerpt from my performance. Hope ya dig it!


P.S. I thought there was a way to embed a video player, but I can't seem to find it now..?


  • Hah.. Never mind the PS. Apparently it embeds itself!

  • This is awesome @Explodey. They would have loved you at SXSW.

  • ^ I agree with Ben!

    Is that the pitch pedal (forget what it's called) from ToneStack mapped to your mod wheel?

    Interested to hear what other iPad fx you are using

  • That is all kinds of amazing. Seriously, you are truly innovative and need to share your gift to the world.

  • Thanks so much for watching and for your feedback everyone! To answer your question @Hmtx , I actually wasn't able to find a pitch-shifting app that was suitable for my needs. I'm using ToneStack Go for the distortion and amp modeling, but for all the effects, I'm routing the output from the rocker into my laptop, which is running Ableton Live. Live is also providing the background music, and I'm using Ableton Link to sync up the iPhone and the laptop. It works great! And you can't see it, but I'm also using a BlueBoard to control Loopy, and I have an expression pedal connected to the BlueBoard, which I'm using to control the panning of the two loops. I'm using the L and R outs to keep the loops separate when they hit the rocker.

    I actually got a lot of help with the setup from you folks here on this forum, so big thanks for all your help!

  • got it thanks, I was going to say that pitch shift you have going sounds great (along with everything else too)

  • Thanks! The plugin I'm using in Live for the pitch shifting is SoundToys' Little Alter Boy.

  • This should work in an app form

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