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OK, I was so impressed with this I had to share. Michael found this youtube video (below) and posted it on Twitter, I have no idea who the performer is, but LoopyMaster is what I'll call him. Watch it straight thru, then go back and look what he does at 0:07.

He records in the core 4-bar rhythm track, and while it is replaying he "arms" about six more tracks by tapping them once each. Then he records the next 6 loops synchronized automatically. One loop records, stops recording in sync, and the next loop records. all this happens without requiring any interaction.

So what is so cool about this? A traditional looper can do this by "overdub". stack up layers on a track as long as you want, right? But in Loopy each of these overdubs are actually their own separate tracks, so they can be muted and unmuted independently (and you hear this later in the youtube video, but not shown on camera).

This is just brilliant, not sure if anyone else is doing this but I thought others might appreciate the great use of a "lesser known" performance feature of Loopy. There are so many little "hidden" tricks like this in Loopy.

disclaimer/ warning: this is probably the silliest awful song you'll hear today... but the techniques are solid :D


  • Totally agree about the powerful performance options--I'm still learning new tricks. I have tried this technique from the video before but I find I like to arm each new track after I've had a chance to check out whether I nailed the previous one. Considering it again though, I like that it leaves you with little choice but to accept a little less than perfection. Can be a good thing.

    Thanks for sharing that. The song is silly but my family is all into Pokemon go so I got a kick out of it.

  • good stuff.

    Also I would say "leaves you with little choice" is not entirely true, because after all the pre-cued loops are recorded you can go tap "re-record" on any one of the loops if it didn't come out right. That's another bonus over traditional overdubbing. :)

  • That's true about re-record but that's a more extended interaction than I like live. I'm usually flailing at the circles in loopy as it is!

  • Well I hadn't thought of that, it could help out a lot. Thanks. The comment about flailing at the circles caught my interest. How many of you forgo the various midi control pedal issues and just poke at your IOS screen? If you do that, can you get skilled enough to not miss? I've been practicing it a bit, and seem to not trigger the start about as often as I do trigger it, and sometimes get a double tap and a one beat loop.

  • I've gotten pretty good at it and have gotten comfortable with the foot pedal as well. It's all just practice... That said, I still miss once out of every 50 or so interactions.

  • @panmanphi. I came to Loopy after using a looper pedal for a few years and I've never used a midi pedal with it. What's great is you can stop and start several loops at once. Just keep your eye on that flashing circle. Stay with it, it will come to you.

  • Thank you for this. I had no idea this was a feature.

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