start problem with loopy hd (beta) and ableton link

@Michael, a few days ago i tried to send you a link to a video i have made, but it seems you did not receive it.
here is what i wrote in the email:
hi Michael,

(ipad air1, ios 9.3.2, loopy hd beta, loopy for iphone latest release, ableton link)
there is a video for download that shows loopy and loopy hd beta synced with link.
loopy for iphone starts the track always from the top, loopy hd beta doesn´t.
instead of stopping and restarting the track from the top it seems the track is muted
and when it starts, it starts from somewhere in the middle of the file but not from the beginning.
i hope you can look into this and fix it somehow

i just installed the latest testflight version and found that this release didn´t solve the problem.
i sent the above email once more (with the link to the video).
please let me know if ( or not) you could get the file and open it.
thank you...


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