Crashing App!

I've downloaded and paid TWICE for the loopy app. My first purchase and download opens and immediately crashes and disappears from the iPhone screen. I just downloaded it again and it allowed me to work on it for a few moments. Ten minutes later, it did the same 'disappearing act'.


  • @Ideal Glass - sorry to hear you having difficulties. It may be helpful to provide the model of iPhone you have and the iOS version you are running. Also may be useful to know; any other apps running, any external interfaces connected or just using the built-in mic or headset?

    I'm running the current LoopyHD on latest iOS on an iPad air1 and iPhone 6 with no issues.

    As for paying twice, there are 2 versions of Loopy.

    Loopy (iPhone version)

    Loopy HD ( universal version)

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