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Hi Loopers!

I recently acquired a factory refurbished 5s with 32GB for a hundred bucks. I love my Gibson Echoplex, but it's a drag setting it up and I'm at a premium for space at home as well. I saw the iPhone and Loopy and I'm on a quest to shrink stuff down and try the digital route - especially since I vocally loop as well. When performing live, I customized a mic inside my guitar that I sing into (yes, hold the guitar up to my face and sing ;-) ) for looping vocals/beats/etc. However, half to more than half of my show isn't looping, just singing and playing guitar.

So my question to this group is this: How would you set up a system to manage part time looping? I am still on the fence if I want to keep singing into my guitar for vocal loops or use my vocal mic. Would love your thoughts!!

Thanks for sharing! :)



  • Why not just get an interface that allows you to loop what you want or pass the signal through if not looping?

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