HOLD bindings and delay on the ON event

Getting started on some proper looping action after I acquired a proper audio interface (iConnectAudio4+) and a BlueBoard pedal. I'm trying to work out the best input bindings for the pedal, and managed to route it through Midiflow to get proper midi note events into Loopy.

The problem is that I would like to double the functionality of the pedal using HOLD events, but they are ruining the responsiveness of the primary ON events. For example, if I bind one of the buttons to "Toggle record" with C4 ON and "Toggle record, then overdub" on C4 HOLD, the primary record toggle will happen on OFF (i.e. when the button is released).

I am a programmer and I understand that you can't determine if a hold is going to happen at a time when the button is initially pressed, but due to the very precise need to detect the press, off simply isn't cutting it. I'm trying to bind hold actions that work nicely after the on action is triggered (record with overdub after record, reset session after toggle pause, select previous track after select next track) so it would be quite decent to simply be able to select the first action to go ahead on ON and do the secondary action after a HOLD is actually detected.

Am I out of luck on these or is there something I can do?


  • Whoa! You got the BlueBoard pedal to work in momentary mode? How'd you do that? Mine insists on toggle mode only (push on, next push is off, then on again).

    Regarding the timing: in theory, at least, Loopy should remember the timestamp associated with the initial ON, so that if it gets the OFF before the hold interval (i.e. the hold fails, and it's just the press) the action should occur retrospectively at the original timestamp. So new recordings, for example, should actually have audio from the original on press, rather than half a second after. In the background, Loopy is actually always recording, so if it gets a record event, it can pull the recorded audio from back in time a little bit.

    So the timing should be right, at least for recordings =)

    As far as actually running ON events before Loopy knows whether it's a ON or a HOLD goes, I'm not sure that's a great idea - I think it could lead to some fairly wacky behaviour...

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    Forgot about this thread, although the issue is still current for me. With the latest firmware (which I had factory installed since it's so new) you have different modes, one of which sends midi notes (i.e. not CC messages). I'm not using the official app at all, but rather connecting the pedalboard to Midiflow. In midiflow I filter out all CC messages (which the BlueBoard floods each event with for some reason) and route that to Loopy. The result is clean note on/off messages which works just as good as you'd expect.

    The setup that I currently have is:

    Button A : ON: select next track, HOLD: select previous track (this works fine)
    Button B : ON: toggle record
    Button C : ON: toggle mute
    Button D : ON: toggle session pause and restart, HOLD: restart session

    For button B, I would like to have "toggle record, then overdub" on HOLD. I will have to experiment with this to see if the delayed recording thing works properly. I wasn't aware of this so I might have given up. Still, these two functions are a perfect example of what I'm getting at. You could see from the setup that both the ON and HOLD events work perfectly together (i.e. code an exception scheme for these, yes I'm a programmer...) and just let the ON event start the recording on the UI immediately and follow up with the overdub when it's detected.

    Button D actually has a problem even if Loopy is recording all the time. When I'm using this, I'm playing another part that is not compatible with the loop, and the loop needs to stop right away. Again, here it is never wrong to first stop the playback when a reset is needed.

    What I'm saying is, sometimes it would be nice to just be able to force the ON to go anyway. It surely would work in my use case for both buttons I'd like to use it for.

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