Imported loops do not start where the loop starts???

Hi there,

Tried to find a related topic, but could not find anything that would match exactly my issue.

Did anybody notice that imported loops are then positioned within loopy so that they start slightly after their original start? e.g. the drum kick opening the loop is moved backwards once imported, so that a started loop within loopy does not start from nice clean start of the kick, but a tiny bit after. It loops once it's started, but the kick beginning is at the end of the loop rather then at the beginning as it was when I created it in ableton.
Imported the created loops into other apps/programs and they sync fine and start from the kick correctly.
So far the solution is to shift about the imported loops, but this is way too cumbersome...

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I tried the fit to tempo off and on and the issue persists :neutral:


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