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Loopy and iVoxel

Yes, another discussion on how to make loopy work with another app from a newbie.

I have scoured the forum for any info on this and can't find it so please be patient as I ask :)

I'm trying to use loopy to record the output from a vocoder app (ivoxel). Cant seem to make this work though it seems to me that others have done it (youtube). I'm probably doing something wrong. I do have Kymatica's AUM but can't seem to make it work through there either. When i have both apps open and I go to settings, control input, i can click on ivoxel track. however it doesn't seem to do anything. Do I need Audiobus?

Am I missing something? Am I a total idiot? Are Tim Tams Australias largest cultural contribution to world heritage?

Regards from yet another wide eyed noob.


  • @Faded Memories - unfortunately I don't have AUM so I can't tell you how to do it that way. I would expect that it is possible, but without the app myself I could only make bad guesses as to setting it up.

    As far as AudioBus, it also will work. I don't have IVoxel either, but it is AB compatible. Add IVoxel to the input slot (or effects slot if you are feeding a recorded audio from another app as input) and Loopy in the output slot.

  • Unfortunately, I don't think Loopy can be set as the destination app in AUM. You'll definitely need Audiobus to do what you want here.

  • Appreciate the response guys. Will attempt. Pandora's box awaits to be opened.

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