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My current MIDI controller can send out chains of MIDI commands, so I have two buttons set to send out the chains listed in the title. It allows for very easy verse/chorus/bridge recording and playback and easily switching between synchronized song parts using only two buttons. I'd like to be able to do this on other controllers as well that can't send chains of MIDI though. Think this is possible to add to the advanced functions, Michael?


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    @BryanRTyler - while you are waiting, it is possible to do this using one of the many Midi control apps out there (midi bridge, midi designer, to name a few). I have done this using MidiDesigner and it "super control". I picked up this tip from someone here on the Loopy or AudioBus forums.

  • Yup, and as I said I can already do it with my MIDI controller, but I think it would be much more preferable if it was integrated into Loopy itself rather than needing to rely on outside hardware or software, particularly when iOS CPU can be a juggling act.

  • My understanding is that this feature is coming in Loopy Masterpiece--and I'm looking forward to it myself since having to use MIDI Designer in the middle is kind of a pain.

  • Agree, it would be much better in loopy itself. I've been trying but never really succeeded at using midi bridge or my controller for this. I'm going to drop midibridge because to often I jump from a few songs without using the looper to one that does, hit my footswitch, and wah wah, crash and burn, midi bridge went to sleep. The problem with the controller is that first it's a pain to program, but mostly I have to think too hard about what bank and what buttons do what while performing. Looking forward to some relief here!

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