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How to sync loopy on 2 ipads

Please help me
I need to sync 2 loopy apps on 2 different ipads
I want to perform with two ipads. First of them I'll use to record guitar loops, second for voice
How to sync them?


  • Ableton Link is your friend! Just enable Ableton Link in the Sync settings and you should be in good shape.

  • Thank you very much!

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    Is there a way to stop, pause or play both instances of Loopy ( on both iPads ) at the same time? And can it be done via only one of the iPads?

  • Link doesn't include any transport control info so you'll need to set up a network midi session over wifi in loopy and set up a binding that toggles the loopy play button between devices. It's easier than it sounds!

  • okidoki. any more details on how to do that? all that can be done locally within loopy? or with external apps?

  • I think it has to be a MIDI command sent from some other MIDI device. It could be another app on one of the iPads or from a separate MIDI controller or pedal.

  • Hmmmm @Hmtx might be right. But I recall binding loopy play button on one iPad to another. That is, I set up a new binding in the receiver iPad network session and then hit the play button on the sender iPad. The receiver iPad should then show the received binding in loopy. Then you just assign the binding to toggle play.

    I hope I'm not remembering a dream!

  • That is a good dream

    And actually you are right, it works. You have to create bindings for play and "song position"which resets the loops and stops.

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