Time stretch problem.

Hello ! Thanks for your incredible app ! (and all apologies for my bad English...
I use your app in a street show (www.balllad.com). I've changed since one week my iPhone (iphone SE, before it's a 5s).
when I record a sample (beatbox) at 80 BPM, if I change the tempo (90 / 100 BPM), the beat seemed like Flanger. No impact, Phasing effect...

Thanks for your answer ;-)


  • @Bertrand bAlllAd - I have an iPhone 5C and it works as expected. I will be moving to an iPhone 6 ( not an SE though) in a few days and will check again if it is working.

    Do you have any other apps running when this happens?
    Are you using Link or midi sync?
    How are you changing the tempo, in loopy, from a midi controller (via midi binding to loopy tempo), or from another App (via Link/midi sync)?

  • Hey @Bertrand bAlllAd - this sounds like the typical result of Apple's time stretching system which Loopy is currently using; slightly phasey and with busted up sometimes reversed-sounding transients. The next version of Loopy is going to use a new high-quality time stretching system, which does away with all that, so stay tuned, and if you'd like to test it once it's ready to ship (soon), sign up at http://loopyapp.com/testing/

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