Tracks recording into each other?

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I didn't have this problem in the past but since the update, my tracks all record into each other, albeit quieter with each new instance. What could be causing this?


  • Two words: Use Headphones ;-)

  • Some more words: These devices really aren't designed to play audio and record at the same time, with the builtin audio setup. The microphone does not distinguish between stuff coming out the speaker, and other sounds. So, you get feedback.

    To this, there are two solutions: The easiest is headphones. That way, there's no sound leakage. The second is to use an external microphone with good directionality.

    Prior version of Loopy used the inbuilt echo removal system (when enabled in Settings). This is very buggy and caused a bunch of problems, including very high latency. It also produced some very shoddy audio quality. I decided to remove it entirely in the new update, as I was very unsatisfied with how it performs.

  • Hey guys, I just read this and wanted to jump in. I seem to be having the same issue. I'm running through the Tascam IXZ, which is basically an Irig but has inputs for guitar and mic. I've got that and headphones hooked up and I'm still getting that track bleeding through. I've messed with the settings but with headphones none of that should matter should it? Btw, this app has given me a much needed shot in the ass for recording music again. Amazing job, I've sold like ten so far. It's getting to where I'm basically going up to strangers and telling them how awesome it is.

  • Hey,

    Any device that plugs into the headphone socket (like the iRig or Tascam iXZ) will always exhibit audio bleedthrough problems due to the way the headphone socket is designed. The input line is right beside the output line, and electromagnetic interference between the two causes some of the output signal to cross over into the input signal, causing that bleedthrough.

    There's no way to avoid that, except for using echo removal software which is (a) both buggy and high-latency on iOS, and (b) causes a degradation in audio quality.

    So, I recommend you get rid of the Tascam iXZ/iRig, and buy a quality device like the Apogee JAM or any other device that plugs in via the dock connector.

    This is information that should be on the side of the packet of these cheap input devices - I personally think it's rather unethical that there aren't consumer warnings in plain view!

    And thanks heaps for the kind words - I love hearing how Loopy helps people be creative =)

  • By the way - there is one other solution: Use a very low output volume level, enough so that the bleedthrough is negligible.

  • For what it's worth, I don't have this issue with the peavey ampkit link. 3gs and 4s.

  • Really! That's weird... I wonder if they found a way to.. i dunno, shield something better?

  • Yeah, it uses a pair of aaa batteries in service of feedback elimation. Not sure what's going on in there but it works.

  • Aahh! Now I want to know how it actually does it! I didn't realise there was any cure, but I guess my knowledge about electromagnetism and propagation is a bit limited...

  • Been busy and haven't checked responses in this! I'm actually having this problem when using a USB mixer, regardless of headphone use.

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