iPhone gets super hot

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I'm using LoopyHD on my iPhone 5. When I'm using it it gets pretty hot after a while but nothing too serious. When I'm using it in combination with Audiobus, Ampkit and the Irig Blueboard it gets extremely hot, drains the battery and after a while it doesn't respond to the Blueboard properly anymore. The whole setup becomes quite useless. Is the iPhone 5 just not capable of doing this all at once? Will an iPhone 6 work properly or should I invest in an iPad of other device?

Btw, I do always close all other apps.
Also, is it bad for my iPhone 5 when it gets super hot?


  • Heat and battery drain is a pretty normal byproduct of hard computation in tiny devices - I wouldn't be too worried (although I wouldn't leave it sitting in your pocket =)). Plus, all iOS devices come with an emergency shut-off if they get too hot.

    The Blueboard thing sounds like a possibly unrelated issue - I'd get in touch with the Blueboard team about that.

    I can't really comment on the 5's abilities with respect to this stuff - honestly, there are no hard and fast rules. If it works for you (aside from the Blueboard thing), then you're all good.

  • I've made a backup copy and reinstalled the phone. It's working much better since.. So, it wasn't a loopy related issue at all :)

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