How to route audio from L6 HELIX to iPad when both HELIX and iPad are plugged into iMac over USB

Hi - I plugged my iPad into a USB port on my iMac and used the OSX 10.11.5 Audio MIDI Setup utility to route my iPads audio output to my iMac's CoreAudio using "Show iOS Device Browser" . This is so i can play back audio from any iOS app thru my iMacs built-in outputs etc.

But how can I now configure my Mac so that my HELIX ( plugged into the mac via USB ) can have its audio routed into the iPad so I can use Loopy HD as a looper in this setup ?

Plugging the iPad directly into the HELIX works - but I need this setup to work too - since my HELIX needs to be able to be ( ideally ) permanently connected to my iMac while still being able to use Loopy HD from time to time without plugging and unplugging everything ....

Any ideas ?


  • for HELIX ( the line 6 amp sim and effects unit ) it could be any device which generates audio to be fed into an OSX mac via USB - such as a synth or audio interface.

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