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Hello all,
I'm looking to upgrade my interface from the my current original line6 sonic port. My requirements of the interface are:

  1. iOS and Windows (10) compatible (not necessarily simultaneously)
  2. At least 2 Mic level pres with phantom power.
  3. iPad charging capable.
  4. MIDI in/out (USB ok)
  5. Functional (low latency) with loopy.

While not a deal breaker, these attributes would be nice:

  1. USB bus powered
  2. 5 pin MIDI
  3. Around $200

I'm just trying to compile a good list from trusted sources. I'm having analysis paralysis and would love to get this taken care of. Thank you guys so much in advance.


  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 - (doesn't charge iPad, not bus powered)

    iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO2+ - (will charge iPad, when used with power supply - separate purchase)

    By the way you aren't going to find something that is bus-powered and charges the iPad, it is generally one or the other or neither!

  • Thanks. Charging the iPad really matters to me. Bus powered, not so big a deal. Have you, or anyone else used the iConnect Audio2+ (or even the 4+)? On paper, it's the dream interface but some reviews complained about stability issues and poor software. I would buy it tomorrow if someone could put me at ease that it is functional and stable in both (though not even necessarily simultaneously) the iOS and Windows 10 environments. I'd really love to have a kick in that direction but I figure why go blind when there are some many who have blazed the trail. Thanks again.

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    well, cant't tell you anything about Win10...
    but I use an iConnectAudio4+ for a Win-7 DAW and an iPad Air2
    the functionality is great imo, output quality is excellent
    the control panel under Win-7 is slightly superior than the IOS version, but a new release is supposed to be out soon
    nevertheless it's fully usable under IOS, too - just doesn't look so great and lacks routing options on the mixer surface (the routing panel is identical on both)
    that's probably the most demanding aspect of the software
    it's strictly logical, but a nightmare for folks who click before they start thinking... ;)
    you really have to take the time to understand what the lines mean - it's a natural complex thing as it handles a lot of channels between 2 hosts plus dedicated direct monitoring
    the microphone and instrument inputs are probably similiar to Focusrite/Yamaha, nothing to complain but not outstanding either...
    for mic/instrument recording I clearly prefer the Audient ID22, but that's even outperforming the RME Babyface
    at least according to my personal taste and use (most of my recordings are with dynamic microphones which are much more demanding regarding preamp channel design)
    both ID22 (or ID14) are usable as class compliant interfaces (all io-ports are available under IOS) via CCK
    but they don't charge an IOS device and there's no software control panel

    cheers, Tom

  • The 4+ is a great, great device. I [ecomnad getting it over the Zt because those 2 More inputs are a godsend. I use it with 2 ipads or an ipad and my Macbook

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