Loopy freezes if expression pedal is moved during MIDI learn

When I was setting up MIDI input controls, I accidentally moved my MIDI expression pedal and Loopy froze, requiring me to quit it and restart.

I successfully trained Loopy to recognise the expression pedal for track volume control, but it seems that if I move the pedal when it's being trained for something like muting tracks, it freezes. Perhaps this is because the pedal sends a large number of MIDI messages and Loopy isn't expecting it?

I know this is user error, but I wondered if something can be done to protect against the crash!

By the way, it would be useful if there was a way to control the sensitivity of the track volume control. Typically I only want to tweak it by a few dB either way, but by default the range of the pedal seems to cover a very large dB range, which is a bit over-sensitive for a live setting.


  • Ouch! Thanks for letting me know, @flimdoo, I'm going to look into it. I think your theory is probably right - it's probably getting spammed with messages, but it should be handling that fine.

    As far as adjusting the range of the volume control goes, this is going to be in Loopy Masterpiece Edition (which I'm working on as we speak), but I'm afraid I don't think it'll make it into Loopy.

  • Thanks @Michael! On the subject of LME, will it have the capability to start recording a loop automatically when it detects an audio signal (above a certain threshold)? That would be a big thing for me.

  • Oooh that's very nice :#

  • Terrific, can't wait! :p

  • I'm starting blogging again soon, just wanna get over this hump, then we're in the closing stretch!

  • I'm getting very, very keen to use Masterpiece! :)

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