Stop recording output

How do i stop the recorded track output from recording on the new track?


  • @sandoz64 Headphones ;-) or a directional mic strategically placed.

    If you are using the built-in mic and speaker(s), headphones are really the only way.

    If you are using an external mic, it needs to be behind the speakers (speakers not pointed in the direction of the mic). Also using a microphone that is directional instead of one that is omni directional is best.

    If you are using the headset jack for both audio I nput and output, there can be cross talk from the output back into the input (especially at higher output volumes) that is inherent in the Apple design.

    If none of these fit your situation, please describe you hardware setup in detail.

  • Kinda thought headphones would be the answer but hoped they had done something clever with in/outputs. Thanks for the help. :)

  • For the record, I have tried to do some digital echo removal in the past, but neither Apple's built-in echo removal nor my own attempts yielded acceptable results - it was rubbish, sadly. I'll keep trying, but it's a Hard Problem!

  • I’ve been searching for the same thing. Nobody has responded??

  • edited March 2019

    Using loopyHD noise gate should help reduce this problem

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