I'm about to get the Loopy HD for mi Ipad but I still got some questions. Basically two.

First: Could it work the following chain? Berhinger FCB1010 -} Midi cable -} TC Electronic Impact Twin Audio Interface (It has midi input and output but Fireware connection) -} USB HUB -} Ipad (Lightning imput)

Second: I've heard about EPROMs UnO Software 1.0.4, what's this exactly?? Can't I assign multiple functions beetwen the Berhinger and the Loopy without this ???

Thanks in advance to everyone !!


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    The chain as described will not work (from my point of view);
    1- the Impact Twin has no USB connection. There may be some kind of Firewire to USB adapter/conversion box out there, but one that actually works may be expensive. However, it would also have to make it USB Audio/Midi Class Compliant for it to work with an iPad. It also appears that many of the features are software controlled from the PC/Mac so only the functions with physical knobs on the box would be usable.
    2- you will need a CCK (Camera Connection Kit) to connect USB to the Lightning connector. The USB/Lightning cable that comes with an iPad is only for Sync and power, it does not provide the needed USB Host function that the CCK does.
    3- The tech specs are a little unclear as to what the Midi connections are for or if they are passed on/thru. Could be they only control the box?

    The standard Berhinger prom allows each pedal to send 5 Program Change, 2 Channel Control, 2 expression Pedal assignments, and 1 Note. Other possibilities for sending multiple midi commands exist by using Midi apps on the iPad to be triggered fro the pedal and send/forward multiple mmidi messages to multiple destinations. This option is simpler to modify/update than reprogramming the FCB1010.

    Uno FAQ

    Behringer - Uno comparison Behringer Uno.pdf

  • Ganthofer is right, FireWire is not supported on iPads.

    A "class-compliant USB" audio interface is the best option for converting a clean audio signal into digital for playing live thru the iPad.

  • Thanks guys !!

    So, If I've understood right...I can buy a new Behringer FCB1010 and then I can assign record, stop, play,..from pedal 1 to loop 1, and then the same from pedal 2 to loop 2,...and so on??

    Can I program this easily without my head blows up??

    Thanks to everyone

  • @Edspeed - what do you mean by assign record, stop, play,.. from pedal..? This could be perhaps Toggle Mute Track 1. on an empty track one it starts recording. Recording is stopped either by pressing it again or automatically/delayed by your Track Management, Tempo, time sig, and clock setings. Subsequent presses will mute and unmute the track.

    You must look at what the available Midi bindings are in Loopy. There are some simple ones (Toggle monitoring), there are some track specific (Toggle record ) and there are some Advanced ones (Toggle record, mute, then record next track). Each one of the binds requires you to assigne (midi learn) a unique midi PC/CC/Note to it (you can assign multiple PC/CC/Notes to the same binding, but not the same PC/CC/Note to multiple bindins). Also, @Michael added the Long press function for midi controller bindings, so each Pedal can send be bond as a regular press/release and a Longpress/release, virtually doubling the number of pedals.

    The easiest way I find to program the FCB1010 is with one of the Editor Apps.

    iOS - FCBFF -- your Guitar MIDI Foot Controller's Best Friend Forever by @SecretBaseDesign

    Windows/Mac - FCB1010 (free)

    Windows - PC Editor for FCB1010 (free)

    I use both the iOS FCBFF and the PC Editor for FCB1010

    You can also program it manually using the pedals. Not extremely difficult, but for me, unless I am doing it daily, I have to get the manual out every time.

    Note: for programming the FCB1010 you need both the Midi In/Out connected. for using the FCB1010, you only need the Mid Out unless you want/need to connect another 5pin din midi device, then you can connect that device to the FCB1010 midi In and it will be passed along to the FCB1010's midi Out/Thru.

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