IAA Fast Switch Button?

Is there an IAA host icon/button anywhere on the Loopy Interface for fast switching between IAA apps like the Audiobus side-panel would let you do?
Sure, I can double-click my iPad's home button and then go to whatever app, but most apps have a nice little spot where you can just tap and jump back to the host app (like AUM or BM2), Can't find this in Loopy. Does it exist?


  • Have you seen the mew audiobus remote

  • @BluNoseReindeer said:
    Have you seen the mew audiobus remote

    Nope. I own, but rarely use AB-Remote.
    Doesn't AB-Remote require using another device via-bluetooth?? I'm trying to keep everything on a single iPad.

  • Actually, Remote works on the same device, too =)

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