Does anyone have Loopy working with Ableton Link on IOS9?

No matter how I set up Loopy with Link (9.3.1), I ultimately get audio distortion after a period of time out of Loopy. I get the Link sync no problem (and its fantastic sync!)....and Loopy runs for a time as it should, in every respect... but after an intermittent random period of time, every time, Loopy's outgoing audio distorts to digital noise. Generally, unplugging the iPad from its audio interface (multiple interfaces tested) and reconnecting it resolves the audio....only to distort again a time later. This happens whether the other connected Link device is an iPad app, or Live on a Mac....and even if the Loopy iPad is just going through its onboard speakers/headphones. Its clearly a "Link thing".

With Link disabled...Loopy works perfectly all the time.

What's up?! Link is fantastic.... using it flawlessly on Gadget, StepPolyArp, Thesis, Link-to-Midi, Moog apps, and more...with no problems. Why is Loopy crapping out with Link?


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