Bug: Edit Session Name - can't edit first characters in session name

When I attempt to edit a session name, the session name comes up in the edit box with the rightmost part of the session name showing. The left hand part of the session name is not showing. If I attempt move the 'cursor' left using my finger to scroll left (iOS IPhone) I still cannot get the left-most part of the session name to show in the edit box. Can you reproduce this?

My workaround is currently: Once the edit box is showing the name, (i) select all; (ii) copy; (iii) paste to another app (eg mail, notes etc); (iv) edit it there and then copy it; (v) go back to loopy and select-all in the edit box; (vi) paste


Is there a bug in 'Session Edit Name'
  1. Can you reproduce this problem (see discussion post)2 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • FYI, I've discovered since moving to an iPhone 6sp, the above issue only seems to exist on my iPhone SE but not my iPhone 6sp.

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