Request for 64 Frame Mode. (Tonestack has it and it works well on iPhone SE)

I've been using Tonestack on 64 frame mode with an iPhone SE for a little while now and the resulting low latency is fantastic. Problem is, I can't run it in this mode with Loopy/Audiobus since 64 frame mode isn't supported.

Is 64 Frame mode on Loopy's feature roadmap given the higher powered devices seem to cope well now?

Would you like lower latency (64 frame mode) for high powered iOS devices?
  1. Would you like lower latency (64 frame mode) for high powered iOS devices? (Eg like Tonestack has)0 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


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    there's a couple of apps that offer this setting and I've used it in Multitrack DAW
    it's indeed nice for tracking vocals, but even with no processing at all it's not 100% glitch free
    an occasional click here, another one there - iirc at least once per minute
    for my part not worth the effort, as it's more about the sound color of the monitor than timing

    glitches may not be as noticable on guitar with fx/distortion, but I bet there are some at 64 frames
    (in particular when recording or if multiple apps are co-working)
    I have both Tonestack and BIAS plus the Holderness FX bundle as alternatives
    Tonestack isn't even remotely in the same league of sound, which is also reflected in CPU usage
    so it might even be that Tonestack can do the trick within it's own domain...
    but as soon as app boundaries are crossed the timeframe will be too tight

    btw I'm not writing about personal taste, but about 'realism' of the emulations...
    (how well can they fool you in pretending analog gear)

    imho it's reasonable to disable 64 as complaints that it doesn't work will be inevitable

    cheers, Tom

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