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Hi All,
Loopy is a beautiful thing!
These forums have a wealth of useful information on them and can usually answer my questions - if I can figure out where to look...
But - a couple of things that I think would be useful:

1) A "Search" feature. (Is there one that I'm missing?)

2) Breaking some topics / FAQ's up into to more tutorial or "article" based stuff:

For example - lets talk about connectors:
The basic starting point of -
- The iPad has a proprietary doc connector, and a 3 pin combination audio in / out jack.
- You can use various simple 3rd party connectors (including the iRig etc) to split the audio in out jack into separate inputs and outputs, and work with loopy directly with ins/outs going into your amp / P/A etc
- Alternatively / additionally: there are some options for connecting to the dock.
o Apple ships an adapter for the dock (the camera connector) which allows a usb connection to the dock. Many midi devices have a usb out, and can be connected to the iPad this way, and loopy can understand the midi commands sent by interactions with these devices and react to them in configurable ways, such as selecting and starting/stopping loops.
o There are also 3rd party devices which connect directly to the dock (the most popular of which is the Alesis ioDock, I guess). This, along with some usb-based connection can also give you direct audio input output Some of these devices also include audio in/out options allowing you to move away from having to split audio stuff directly and then feed into the headphone/mic jack. This also gives you support for 2 channel audio input as well as output.

This is all pretty basic stuff, but took me a while to get my head around: My initial thought on seeing "midi support" was a though of "Oh - well that doesn't apply - that'd be if I was trying to play keyboard and using midi patches or something".
A single topic in this forum (or I suppose a tutorial video or something) could take you through this basic stuff tutorial style and show some examples of popular rigs that people are using (simple iRig plus mixer, Alosis ioDock, various multi-pedal footswitches).

Anyway - just my 2 cents. A search feature and some structured sticky tutorial style FAQs would make this forum even better.


  • The search box is under the iPhone/iPad picture, near the "Go" key... ;-)
    it's semitransparent.
  • Ooh do I feel stupid now! :)
    Ok - sorry everyone!
  • Don't. I hadn't noticed it either. Or we're stupid together. :)
  • Yeah, that's my bad, guys - It wasn't really in a very visible location. I've moved it down and given it a wee magnifying glass.

    That's a good idea, having a Tutorials bit - I've added a category for it. I'd love to put together some better documentation on hardware, but I have absolutely no expertise myself. @Rossbeef put together a really fantastic post or two on this that might be worth assembling into a fully-fledged tutorial piece.

  • The search form wraps to two lines in FF mac (latest version, default font size). Setting an explicit width on the button of 24px or 2em seems to work in FF, Chrome (also latest) and Safari 5. That was just through the browser consoles and I didn't test in anything but those three. :) Grain of salt, blah blah...

    fwiw, input elements are always a pain in the ass to style consistently across browsers. For me anyway. <button type="submit"> are generally easier to deal with.

  • Bleugh! Right you are - I didn't mess with Firefox, just assumed it'd render the same way. Will fix - thanks for the heads-up

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