Linking Up Effects Pedals & a Mic to Loopy

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Hi Guys,

This app is awesome, opening a whole world up to me!

I want to be able to plug a microphone into a voice effects pedal then the voice pedal into Loopy. I'll either have headphones or speakers as output.

Would this do it?

If not can someone tell me what I need to achieve this setup? For me it's this solution or buying a proper looping pedal which is too far outside my price range if I want to get as many channels as Loopy has.


  • I notice that interface has no speaker output, is the iRig a safer bet?
  • Hey Ben,

    I'm certainly not yet an expert on audio hardware, but that iXZ interface seems to just plug into the iPhone's headphone socket - from what I've heard, audio going into that socket seems to undergo some odd filtering by the device which degrades audio quality.

    Whether that's actually generally true or not, I have no idea, but the best bet seems to be going with a digital input device (such as the Apogee JAM), which plugs into the data port at the bottom.
  • ...The other advantage with going with a digital input device (aside from audio quality) is that the headphone socket's freed up for audio out =)
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    Hi Michael,

    I know even less about audio hardware so thanks for the tip! This is such exciting software as I've been wanting a proper looping pedal for months and never quite managed to save up the....£380 it costs for one! lol xD

    If I can re-create the solution with this app it truly opens doors!

    Will loopy detect the input from the data port automatically or will I need to configure it to accept external inputs?

    Also I notice the Apogee Jam is specifically for guitar/bass, will that be a problem with voice & effects?

    Thanks again :)

  • Great!

    Loopy (and all other audio apps, from my understanding) will just work as soon as you plug it in - support for these devices is built in at the OS level, so it should all just go.

    Not sure about the Jam and voice/etc - I'd contact them directly to make sure, but it sounds like it'll work with other input devices (eg.
  • I bought an iRig from ebay for about 20€ and use it with my Effect Pedals. I love it, it´s so cool. Try a Delay-Pedal. You can create such awesome sounds! ;)
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