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some quick performance videos

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hey there.
first, i freaking love this program. it's definitely become my music go-to app.

here are two short videos i made using Loopy:



more to come, since i can't put this app down.


  • *ahem* Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground - this is frigging awesome, Pete! I know a certain video or two that's going on loopyapp.com...

    Can't wait to see more! Is there more yet? How about now?
  • aww! thanks man! well, like i said, this is an incredible app. i have honestly been waiting for something like this for a long time. i'll put some more up soon. :)
  • hey, i was just checkin your blog, and i saw that you made 'cartographer'! i love that app too! i got that when i moved here to budapest so i could find my way around without wifi.

    so, thanks for two awesome apps!
  • No way! That's amazing! Pretty small world =) I'm really glad you like it, cheers!
    Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in Loopy!

    *Back to Loopy debug with No More Kings blaring*
  • ok, here's a new one for today:


    and i had a few quick thoughts, but i don't know if they're worth adding.

    often, i have trouble nailing the endpoint of my loop. it might be nice to have the ability to quickly trim.. maybe similar to how you have the rotate to set the in-point.

    i like the ability to set the tempo from the start, maybe there could be a click track feature? that's tricky, cause i usually hate click tracks.

    also, i'm getting better at it, but sometimes with flipping the iPad around, i get lost as to where the start of a loop will be. maybe there could be a small indicator? a line or a tick. i know that kills the simple beauty of the perfect loop circle. so maybe it's not a good idea.

    hmm. that's all. thanks again. oh, and i'm glad you're digging 'no more kings'! i'm definitely using Loopy to write the next album.

  • Good lord, that's so polished, Pete! Brilliant, brilliant work - what a great start to the day!

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the trim thing - I've had a few others suggest it, but I'm having trouble picturing it. Are we talking about just the first loop of a session? (the one that sets the tempo?) Otherwise a trim would make the loop shorter than a multiple/fraction of the main tempo, which means it'd go out of sync!

    Click track - sorted! Loopy has a metronome, both audio and visual (just a flash) - it's the bottom control panel group. You can also set the tempo in advance (top control panel group) - you can tap out a tempo, or set a BPM.

    Good point with identifying track orientations...I'll have a think about how I can do it; maybe a light score across the track could be subtle enough to be aesthetic, but still useful.

    Wow - that's awesome. That's quite the compliment =D You know, would you mind if I used that quote ("I'm definitely using Loopy to write the next album") on loopyapp.com's footer?
  • ha! of course you can use that quote! i'm kicking around the idea of doing a version of the EP completely in Loopy, and making the Loopy session files available for download. might be fun.

    aha. yes, the metronome! how silly of me. i freaking love the light pulse idea! no audio bleed that way.

    and yes, i think the trim thing would just be for the first loop. but you know, i think with the metronome, i won't really be messing up so much. so maybe the trim thing isn't necessary. did other people have suggestions on how they might use it?


  • Wow, that's nuts! That would be mega cool =)

    No, they didn't, so much - they pretty much said the same thing. Perhaps I need to suggest the metronome and tempo pre-setting to them too...
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    aaaand a new one. sorry it's been so long.
    this is actually from that same time, but i never edited the video together.
    so here it is.


    more soon i promise!
  • That is brilliant!!! Love it Pete!
  • Smashing work! =)
  • there need to be more videos like this of loopy :P
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    Metronome and tempo setting needs to be highlighted more Michael, didn't think about it that way and had same opinion as Pete regarding trim. I had initially been setting up the first loop as a guide and then deleting at later date. Anyway, love this app and hopefully will be able to do something with it, no where near as gifted as you Pete, great work buddy :)

  • Yeah, I don't disagree @CroftyB...

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