Presonus AudioBox iTwo - won't connect to ipad through CCK

I have a Presonus AudioBox iTwo. I have tried to connect the AudioBox to the iPad with CCK and male/male usb cable.The iPad doesn't recognize the Presonus. When I use a regular lightning usb cable, everything works. I this OK, or is the cck solution better?


  • Could this be telling you CCK is bad? Or cable?

  • @jogrim - The MFi connection on the Presonus is made to connect directly to your ipad with the sync/charging cable. Thats why it's labeled MFi (Made For iPad). USB devices that can connect to the CCK whould normally have a USB B connection on it.

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    @Ganthofer Thank you so much for responding ☺So I don't loose any advantages by just using the regular lightning cable versus the cck?

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    @jogrim - the lightning cable is digital and charging, so it's as good as it gets. Also, the Presonus documents imply that the MFi (device) connection also charges your iPad while in use. Can you verify that?

    The only advantage of using a CCK with an audio/midi interface is that you can us a USB hub (powered if needed) to also connect other USB midi controllers. The down side is, that the CCK doesn't charge the iPad ( although the new one designed for the iPad pro apparently does).

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