Using a MacBook with Loopy

The other day I went to Loopy > Settings > Control Inputs, and I noticed that in addition to my Blueboard, my MacBook was also listed there. I had never seen that before. Lately I've been using Loopy together with Ableton Live on my MacBook, and I thought maybe this might have something to do with Ableton Link. I was hoping that this might be a way to connect a midi controller to my Mac and use it to control parameters in Loopy on my iPhone. Unfortunately I didn't check it out when I saw it, and then when I looked for it again later, the option wasn't there anymore! What happened? Was that option really there, or am I losing my mind?


  • It probably shows up when you have network MIDI connected on the Mac.

  • But I haven't changed anything, so why did it go away? And how do I get it to come back?

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    Do you have all the same Apps running on the iPhone and the Mac? Any other devices connected to your Mac?

    I don't have a Mac, however, as an example; with Loopy running on my iPad (wifi On) and my iPhone wifi On. I don't see my iPhone listed under Control Inputs, but as soon as I start ThumbJam on my iPhone, which happens to have "Enable Network Session = On" , it shows my iPhone in Loopy on my iPad under control inputs. Even though there are no Midi Input or Output connections configured in TJ. I assume, since its Apple and bonjour, all it takes is something connected to your Mac or an Application on you Mac that is "capable" of network midi. I would think just have Ableton Live running would make it show up.

  • ^ yep, probably something in Ableton Live. Maybe it's enabled in some of your sessions but not others?

  • Well, I'll do some experiments and see if I can get it to come back. But meanwhile, the reason I was asking about all this is because I'm looking for a midi controller that I can use to adjust the levels of all my loops in real time during a live performance. So I was looking for Bluetooth mixers on Amazon, and they all seem pretty expensive, compared to mixer controllers that aren't Bluetooth-enabled. So I'm just wondering what my options are, and if there are any inexpensive options.

    By the way, I am able to control the level of one of the loops by connecting an expression pedal to my blueboard, but the blueboard only has inputs for two expression pedals, and I would need at least double that.

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