Clearing out Loopy Inbox

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Is there a way to remove files in the Inbox folder? iTunes won't let me delete the whole folder or see the contents to delete files individually. In the app I can see the files but can't find a way to delete. The size has gotten rather large so just want to free up some space. Thanks.


  • Hey @patrick - You should be able to do it in iTunes, by selecting the folder and hitting delete. Failing that, iExplorer will do it:
  • PS. I will be adding a loop management system soon, with folders and such; I just haven't gotten around to it yet =)
  • hi @michael - the delete in itunes acts like it's working after I hit delete, but then the inbox doesn't actually delete. I'll look into iexplorer though. looking forward to the file management system! thanks!

  • FYI: iTunes let's you delete the inbox folder now.

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