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"Fine Tune" Setting Tempo Via MIDI CC#s

edited April 2016 in Techniques

Hi Michael and others, I'm trying to find out: is there a way to "fine tune" set LoopyHD's tempo via a MIDI cc#? In other words, I know how to set the tempo by binding a MIDI cc# to "Adjust session tempo" in LoopyHD's settings, but with the amount of standard MIDI values (128), I can't select every tempo, as the range of selectable values in LoopyHD is from 45bpm to 300bpm (which is 256 values). I recall that in certain MIDI devices you can use MSB / LSB to get at a greater resolution of values. Is anything like this possible in LoopyHD?


  • I don't think so, not yet. You can set "tempo nudge" but that goes by whole number bpm which doesn't really help do what you need. I'd like to see support for this also, I think the answer would be the ability to use 14-bit MSB / LSB midi bindings.

  • Ah I was afraid of that. Most likely won't be implemented till LoopyMasterpiece. thanks for the response anyhow

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