Loopy tempo to UVI Beathawk

Realizing I could ask the same of the Beathawk community, how can I route Loopy's tempo to UVI's Beathawk?

Beathawk recognizes Loopy as a valid MIDI input and I've selected it. However, in Loopy, Beathawk does not show up as a destination for the clock.

Should I see it as a destination directly? (other apps do show up, like NanoStudio) Do I need an intermediate app?



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    Hey @kelp - sorry about the delay =)

    You'll need to select Loopy's "Virtual MIDI" destination from within Loopy, as well as selecting Loopy within Beathawk. That should work.

    It sounds like Beathawk isn't publishing itself as a destination, which is why you can't see it; apps can publish themselves as either a source, a destination, neither, or both (Loopy does both, but not all apps do).

  • Yeah, everything looks like you describe it. I think I've since learned that BH does not yet respond to MIDI sync. They say an update is coming...

    Thanks for the reply.

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