Amplitube and Loopy HD issue

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Hi there,
I've bought the Irig2 and want to record some guitar loops amplified by AmpliTube (free) but I don't get it to work properly.. I have an iPhone 5.

In Audiobus I set the IN to System Audio Input, the FX to AmpliTube and the OUT to Loopy HD. This works till a certain point.. I can record with the fx, however I can only hear the amplitubed loops when I use headphones. I can't hear them over the phone's speaker. Why is that and how can I fix it?



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    @sire105 - I dont have an iRig2 so correct me if I'm wrong. The iRig2 connects to the iPhone headset jack, correct? Anytime something is plugged into the headset jack the built-in speaker is turned off. If you want to hear it with out headphones, you'll need to attach external speakers. Either to the 1/8 inch headphone jack on the iRig (usually the powered type you get to connect to phones or PC headphone outputs) or a powered speaker/amp connected to the 1/4 inch iRig output (switch set to FX on the iRig).

  • Thanks for your answer. The problem is, I still can't hear my recorded AmpliTube loops through the iphone speaker after I've unplugged the iRig2. I can only hear them with headphones plugged in. I can hear loops recorded via the iRig2 that were not recorded via AmpliTube or those recorded directly via the phone's mic through the iphone speaker..

    So I can't, for example, let a friend hear my amplified recordings without having to plug in the phone to headphones or speakers.

  • @sire105 - I had to install AmpliTube, don't keep it on my iPhone 5. Used the standard Apple earbud with mic in place of the iRig2 you are using (analog input to the headphone jack - should be similar for testing).

    First, I get feed back the second I unplug the headset. So to get rid of that, I had to turn Monitoring off in Loopy. Of course you want Monitoring ON in Loopy when recording so you can hear what you are recording. Do you have Monitoring ON in Loopy when recording to hear what is going into Loopy or does the iRig2 have some sort of direct monitoring that feeds you the sound before the iPhone?

    With Monitoring in Loopy Turned OFF before I disconnect the headset, I have not had a problem.

    I reproduced something similar to your problem 1 time, but the settings on AmpliTube and Loopy for monitoring and feedback control along with a few other things were causing feedback problems, and I haven't been able to reproduce it again.

    On the AmpliTube Loops that won't make sound in Loopy, does it show a wave form in the Loopy disk? If yes, try using the Share for that loop and Copy. Then select a black loop and Import from CLIPBOARD - General PasteboardGeneral Paste. Or you might try the merge function, but just drag the loop to an empty one. Does either work afterwards?

  • Thanks for all the effort. The monitoring setting in loopy doesn't make any difference. The loops do all have a wave form. Copying, importing, dragging onto a empty slot won't change anything. When I merge a normal loop with an amplitube loop I still only hear the normal loop via the iphone speaker and when I plug in headphones or other speakers I hear both. So at least it's a very consitent issue.. :)

    I made a quick step by step demo video of the issue to be more specific.

  • Qsire105 - that sounds like a question for @Michael. It might be useful to know what version iOS and Loopy HD.

  • iOS version 9.3.1
    Loopy HD version 1.5.3

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for taking it to this point @Ganthofer, you're a legend =)

    It sounds to me like maybe only the right channel is coming out of Amplitube for some reason (i.e. left channel is silent), and when playing through the mono device speaker I think you might only be hearing the left channel out of Loopy. That would explain why you can't hear the Amplitube loops until you plug in a stereo output. Would you mind sharing that loop from Amplitube here or via email to michael at so I can take a look to confirm that?

    If that's what's going on, that's at least partly a problem with Loopy - it should be downmixing stereo to mono when playing out mono audio devices, so I'll take a look at that.

  • I could be mixing two things that are not related, but I have found some weird iOS 9.3 issues related to the intersection of software and hardware. For instance, I have experienced weird digital artifacts until I remove the headphone jack and plug it back in. Further, I had no audio when playing a video--I toggled the physical audio mute switch--as described in a Google search--and all of a sudden I get audio again. Do a Google search. Definitely some odd stuff out there. Maybe unrelated, but who knows.

  • Solved:
    There is a setting in AmpliTube that reads 'No Feedback' with the description 'Enable to avoid feedback when using headphones and high-gain amplifiers or effects'. It works when I set this to 'Off'.

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