iRig 2 Issue

Hey I need some help with something, I just connected the iRig 2 to my iPhone where I have the loopy app. So my guitar goes through the iRig and it also has a headphone jack so I can hear what I'm playing... But what if I want to use the built-in mic on my headphones which are connected to the iRig to record on loopy? I just can't figure it out how yet... Any thoughts?


  • @Juanferab98 - I think the 1/8 inch Headphone connector on the iRig2 is ONLY headphone out. It does not support the headset mic. It routes the normal headset mic connection of the iPhone to the 1/4 inch Input on the iRig. That's how the Guitar audio gets recorded.

    To use the headset mic, you would have to disconnect the iRig2 and plug the headset directly into the iPhone.

    If you want/need Guitar input and mic input, then you'll need a 2 channel audio interface and a microphone. A splitter for the headset would seperate the mic and headphones to each be plugged in, but the headset mics are really not that good since they are designed for talking on phones, but it could work.

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