12 o'clock "start of track" marker - any takers?

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Hi folks,

@Thore just requested that I consider adding a marker to tracks indicating their start position, for easier visual syncing. I vaguely remember that coming up before somewhere, and I thought I'd put it to you guys: Would this be helpful, or just visually interfering?

I wouldn't want anything particularly intrusive - perhaps something like this:


What do you think?


  • For me is beautiful and not intrusive.

    1-0 for the arrow. :D
  • Looks good!
  • If it moves on rotate, I love it..
  • @Thore's just clarified his initial request - he meant that he'd like to see marker while track-twisting (the 2-finger twist to offset time). So it only has to be visible for the duration of the twist, which suits me perfectly, no problem.
    @syrupcore, did you mean moves *with* the rotation, or moves relative to the rotation so that it stays at 12 o'clock? I think @Thore's initial request was that it remain at 12 to help with the sync - I'm not sure I understand why you'd want it another way, though.
  • Sorry, that was horribly unclear. I meant with rotation. I would prefer that it moved with the sample start so I knew how much I had offset something by. It could perhaps glow with the power of the force when it aligns with the 12 o'clock position. Funnily, I can't think of the use case for having a fixed indicator at 12!

    Maybe there are two visual indicators while twisting? Triangle at 12 as visualized above and an inverted triangle at sample start. Line them up and loopy high fives you.
  • GOOD IDEA 2 indicators!!!!

    Now await Michael.
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    In practice, I rarely twist my loops. I'd like to but I worry I'll not be able to realign it. When I do want to mess with offsetting something, I copy it to an open loop, mute the original and twist the copy. Fwiw, when i do offset a loop it's generally for musical purposes, not to correct something. "what would this sound like starting a 1/4 note later?" sort of thing.

    A thin vertical bar indicating loop start might be an alternative.
  • This was the original idea but the arrows are less invasive.
  • Ah, now you're talking - that's a great idea, having two indicators, one for loop start and one for 12 o'clock. Good good good. I'll do that =)

  • YEAH and there is also the thin vertical bar!!! :D

  • Yeah, I decided to put it in after all, to make it easier to line up =)

  • Drrrrrreamy.

    Less than 3 hours between 'good idea' and finished/posted on YouTube. Good god man!

  • We aim to please ;-)

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