Behringer FCB1010 setup help please?

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I've just received my Behringer FCB1010 brand new. Using the Line6 Midi Mobilizer to connect (also new).

When I go to MIDI settings in Loopy, and enable the MIDI network, under "hosts" it says "searching" and just spins and spins.

I'm pretty sure the Midi Mobilizer is functional, when I plugged it in for the first time it prompted me to install the Line6 app and upgrade the firmware (which I did, no issues).

I have the out of the midi mobilizer going into the in of the FCB1010, and the out of the FCB1010 going into the in of the midi mobilizer. I have not made any config changes on the FCB1010 such as channels, clock, or master slave mode (This is my first MIDI adventure, and the documentation that came with the pedal was really really bad)

Do I need to make some configuration changes to the FCB1010 before it will connect to Loopy?


  • Hi ezee.
    The FCB1010 work properly with Loopy but the FCB1010 setup is much difficult.
    You can download any FCB1010 setup program (free for Windows) for an easily setup.

    PS: If your original firmware have issues, you can resolve buying a new "OnE Firmware".

  • Hi ezee,

    Is it the MIDI Mobilizer II? The original won't work with Loopy as it doesn't support CoreMIDI, although you could use an app like MIDI Bridge to remedy this.
  • @ thatsRayor
    Thanks, that is indeed the problem. Totally my fault, I saw clearly here on the forum that adapters needed to be Core MIDI, and I didn't double check what I was purchasing. I saw that the MMII was CORE, but then I somehow got redirected (price wise maybe) to the original MM. I will fix this.

    Thanks...what setup program do you recommend? (I'm guessing I'll need to purchase a USB-Midi adapter for this :( )
  • i just returned the midi mobilizer original, and picked up an iRig instead. The MMII and the iRig were both $69, and they had an iRig restock for $39 so I got that instead.

    Thanks guys, will keep you posted.
  • I use FCB1010 MIDI Editor and YES,
    if you don't have any external sound card with MIDI, you'll need to purchase a USB-Midi adapter.
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