Bugs and glitches since 9.3.1 update.

Hi, really love the app by the way.
I just updated my iPad Air 2 today to 9.3.1 and I get glitches and slowing of tempo in loopy had.
I'm using it with audiobus and aum. It starts fine but when I record something from say Thumjam or gadget, it starts going a bit haywire very quickly?
Bit gutted as I plan to use this setup for a live gig in a few weeks and need to practice my loops!
Anyone else had these problems ?



  • I'm using a focusrite itrack dock to, and the apps in aum are gadget and Thumjam, with two audio input channels for guitar and vocals.

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    Are you using it with Link enabled, @Stinkingzombie? I've just discovered a bug in the Link SDK, which I've found a workaround for (you can try it out at http://loopyapp.com/testing)

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Wow thanks for the speedy reply,
    I'll try that tonight.
    Many thanks!
    Looking forward to masterpiece edition!


  • And yes I am using link to sync the arpeggiator in gadget.

  • Hi I just sane you my email address for the link , the one that starts with atlas.



  • Hi Michael , thanks for the invite, but it warns me I might lose all my app data, I've got a lot of drums saved!

    Is it likely to disappear or just a overly cautious warning in your opinion?


  • No problem! Ahhh... I would be cautious - Apple's quality hasn't been 100% of late, and there's indeed a chance that TestFlight could break stuff. Maybe back it up first? (transfer everything out over USB http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4094)

  • Hi Michael , I did the TestFlight and it didn't wipe any of my stuff, bonus!
    Also a bonus is I jammed for around an hour with aum audiobus gadget Thumjam and Drumjam using link and my problem seems to have disappeared , Bravo!!

    Many thanks mate, really Appreciate the work you put in



  • Great news @Stinkingzombie, cheers for letting me know

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