Loopy HD set recording offset

hi there,
while recording some loops with audio coming from audiobus, i noticed a slight lag which gets introduced between the recorded audio and the rest of the instruments playing.
i ask myself:
is it possible to set an offset to the recorded loops so they get shifted by the amount of a constant (samples/msec) which the user can adjust, to compensate fot the introduced delay? without this, the app is a bit unusable atm, because there are reallyreally pesky phasing issues because of it.



  • I experienced this same issue with AudioBus and Loopy in the last day or two and had never experienced it before. I do believe it's actually a bug. Unfortunately, I tried to replicate the conditions of the bug after rebooting my iPad and was unable to do so. I do know that it happened as soon as I looped a single Loopy track through AudioBus to apply an effect.

  • hmmmm, you have a point there.
    but then - it is somehow understandable, that recording something into loopy will introduce a slight offset related to starting the loop according to the clock which loopy syncs to. actually, im syncing to loopys own clock, because it is one (if not the) most stable midi clock signal that is available on the ios. so in this regard, loopy should be able to claculate the offset. i ask myself if i (we) are alone with this issue or if our usecase is something special (which i can not imagine...)
    maybe i write to the dev directly?

  • The slight offset is not normal; it should work in perfect sync (and almost always does, in fact!). The developer visits here frequently so my guess is that he'll chime in soon.

  • ...and here he is =)

    What apps are you using, guys? I've just tried the basic loopy-into-loopy case and that seems to work without delay. Can you suggest a setup that reproduces the problem?

    Loopy does automatic latency compensation on the received signal so that everything should line up perfectly; if it's not lining up, it could be because the app(s) in question are incorrectly reporting their latency, which is a facility in the Audiobus SDK. Or, of course, I could've screwed up somewhere =)

  • hey michael,
    thank you for showing up :)
    now - setup within the ios is like this:

    audiobus with:
    1st chain:
    borderlands granular
    --> these are routed to AUM

    2nd chain:
    AUM routed to loopy

    within AUM, all instruments are routed to a mixbus(a).
    then, i route this mixbus(a) to loopy (hosted in audiobus, as are all other instruments).
    clock is coming from loopy as well.

    usecase is therefore to record loops being sent from a mixbus within AUM.

    loops recorded have an offset in relation to whats playing on this mixbus.

    i hope i described the scenario in a reproducible manner.
    if anything is needed - screenshots and whatnot, just say so :smiley:


  • Wow, now that's a complex setup! Are you able to reproduce it with something simpler? The simpler the better - otherwise I need to spend ages trying to rule stuff in/out and I've got so much on my plate already right now =(

  • hey michael,
    as i am new to the whole ios music thing, my setup is a bit shakey at the moment anyways.
    i have ditched the need to record stuff on the fly within the ipad and i use an octatrack for that now.
    so, as i seem to be a lonley ranger on this ground, i think the issue is not really important.
    i am really thankful for your help and will. it is reassuring to know the dev is there and listens to user concerns/problems.

    and in this regard a question came up -

    is it possible to let loops clear all unused samples (samples that are not in use in any of the saved projects)?


  • Okay, no problem =)

    Loopy automatically copies imported tracks into the session, so you can safely remove any of the tracks outside of the actual "loopysession" save files without impacting sessions themselves.

  • great :-)
    but - where can i find the samples / sample folder. this is a non-jailbreak device im using...

  • okay - i found it.
    i have to open up the "import" dialogue. from there i can see the samples that are named after the session they are used in, as well as the "user loops" that are in the "inbox" and not in use in any of the sessions. they can be deleted manually.

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