Is the Behringer FCB1010 Bluetooth enabled?

If not, what interface do people use? Sorry if this is an obvious question. I'm just having trouble figuring it out. Thanks in advance.


  • No, that controller is USB MIDI only, not Bluetooth.

  • So that would require a usb hardware interface of some kind? Bummer.

  • Yes, to connect the unit to your iOS device you would need a camera connection kit (CCK). There are some newer dongles from Yamaha (and older ones from Puc) that plug into MIDI ports and transmit data over Bluetooth but I don't have any experience with them. Check the audiobus forums for reports on those.

  • @Sworcha - I have the Puc+ and use it with my FCB1010. Works fine and keeps all the cables down on the floor by the FCB 1010. Need an iDevice with Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4S and iPad 3 or higher). Before that I used a Aliesis IODock (5pin midi connection), then a Griffin Studio Connect (5pin midi connection). I have read a number of post from people using a (Class Compliant!!!) Midi (5pin) to USB cable and a CCK. Some manage a dirrect connection, and others use a powered USB hub in between to provide power and allow more USB devices to be connected to the CCK.

  • Thanks a lot for the informative responses. one other question, how's the latency with bluetooth? Is it responsive enough?

  • @Sworcha - for my use so far, yes. I don't really notice any latency (although I'm sure there is some). I use count-in/out mostly, so the window for hitting it are quite big. However, I must say that I am not Live Looping or performing, so my needs may not be as demanding as some may be.

  • I use Bluetooth for live looping and have never had an issue with latency. That said, I use the count-in/out like @Ganthofer so I'm not sure it's applicable to your use case.

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    Ganthofer or Luke (or anyone else) Care to share your midi bindings?
    I'm a gigging musician (used the rc50 the last 4 years
    I'm sitting here with an fcb1010, the puc+ and wondering what's the best assignment setup....

    I could sit here for days trying out various configurations and thinking to myself..."hmm, this would make more sense" or "let's try these assignments now" etc. etc. but you've no
    doubt been through the same basic concepts. So, with performing ease in mind.... i'd appeciate you sparing me days of playing around. :)


  • Most of the MIDI bindings in Loopy have accumulated from the many various ways that musicians use the app in a live (or at home) setting. It'd probably be easier to advise if you describe how you use the RC50.

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    Hiya Luke,

    that's why i posted the youtube link.

    The RC-50 is pretty limited in what it can do basically just the 3 tracks, record,overdub, start & stop and only ever delete the last recorded loop. I play 3 or 4 instruments, levels allready set, straight into loopy via an interface, i might play a verse through, instruments panned right and recorded as loops, vocals left, bypassing the loop station..2nd time round add a guitar or a bass and then move on to the B part.. if needed layer a few more tracks on top.That's pretty much it. I'm not one for playing around for 5 minutes trying to get a soundscape up before the song actually starts... 3 - 4 minutes, thank you, next song.

    So i bought myself the fcb1010 and a puc+. my reasoning being the adding and subracting of loops

    With the fcb1010 ideally..
    One expression pedal for volume,
    One expression pedal for a wah.. obviously set up a pedal or two to jump to an amp modeler and select a preset.
    The rest of the pedal are pretty much open to discussion.

    I'm obviously going to need to set up a next, previous, mute, delete, metronom off, group.. but for the others, i dunno.. that's why i'm asking as there must be people on here that gig regularly, in a live setting where time is of the essence and who have no doubt tweaked their bindings for ease of use (in a live setting) through a lot of trial, error,sweat and experience.

    So, anyone out there willing to give me a few general pointers, so i'd don't waste quite as much time doing things the wrong way ;)

  • @alasdair - I can't really give you any specific setups, as i am frequently changing mine as the apps I use it with change and I don't do live/performances. However, I will pass on some suggestions and tips.

    The FCB has 100 programmable presets, which is great, but unless you want to do a lot of pedal tapping, 1 bank of 10 (+ 2expression pedals) is more practical during a song.

    It is useful to setup 1 bank of 10 presets for each song style/app sets you use.

    With Loopy you can double up on each pedal function using Loopy's long press feature.

    With the FCB's 5 PC's 2 CC's and 1 Note you can cause multiple action with one pedal press. Like Muting groups or changing an effect setting when starting record,... If using multiple midi apps, be aware that some apps have fixed channels and some believe it or not are set to Omni.

    If you have a Class compliant USB to Midi (5 pin) adapter cable/box, @SecretBaseDesign has a an iOS app that is great for programming the FCB

  • I got the Yamaha MD-BT01 for my FCB1010. It works like a charm with midimittr and after programming the buttons. for some reason 6-10 weren't sending signals by default but I just changed the CC for all the channels to 22-31.

    I just can't figure out how to get the expression pedals working. If anyone has gotten theirs going, I'd loooooove to know how you did it. I wanna change loop levels from the board.

    also, controlling the reverb amount via the pedal would be freakkkinnnn AMAZING.

  • @Hellojeffreyjames - they have to be configured under one of (or more or all) the pedals and assign a CC number to each. You can tell if any of the pedals have an expression pedal configured, because there is a small red LED above each expression pedal that lights when active. You may also have to calibrate the expression pedals to get the full range (0 - 127).

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