Focusrite iTrack, FCB101 and Class Compliant footswitches

Hi, I have recently purchased a small ipad based recording set-up, and one of the main things I was looking forward to was using loopyHD as a loop station for use with my guitar. Unfortunately, it appears I didn't research thoroughly enough and that I might not be able to use the kit as hoped.

I have an Ipad air, a focusrite iTrack dock, a Behringer FCB1010 midi footpedal, and a midi-to-USB adapter cable. I programmed the FCB1010 for use with LoopyHD based on instructions from this forum which seemed to make sense. However when I hooked everything up, loopy did not appear to be receiving MIDI events from the footswitch to enable me to set up the bindings.

Having spoken to Focusrite, they could not confirm that the FCB1010 would work with their product, since it will only work with MIDI class compliant hardware.

Firstly, does anyone have experience of having the set-up described above work? Secondly, if not. and I have to replace the foot pedal, does anyone know of one that will work with the focusrite iTrack dock?

Any help greatly appreciated!!


  • @reub1982 said:
    Having spoken to Focusrite, ... it will only work with MIDI class compliant hardware.

    "Class-compliant hardware" is a reference to USB devices. In other words you need a MIDI to USB cable that has the built-in class compliant drivers.

    Beyond that it is just a matter of going into Loopy HD's MIDI settings and enabling MIDI input from the FCB1010 or the itrack dock, whichever shows up. Then select the arrow to create bindings.

  • I agree with @Hmtx. I do not have a Focusrite, but have connected the FCB1010 to a class compliant Midi-to-USB device and then to an Apple CCK and it worked fine. So the issue most likely is that your Midi-to-USB cable is most likely the problem. Either it is defective, or not truely Class compliant. Have you or can you try the Midi-to-USB cable and FCB1010 connected to pc. This could verify whether it is defective or just not class compliant.

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