Controller visual representation

Hi there,

i have a question regarding midi setup. i use my beloved microkontrol which has nice pads. i have each pad setup to start a recording on a track (for example: pad 1 starts recording on track 1). the pads are set to momentary at the far so good.

what i did not figure out is:
i can set my pads to toggle. then pads are illuminated when pressed once, and dark when i press again. so i thought it would be perfect to show me which tracks were recorded an playing. but when in momentary mode i have to press the pad twice to either start or stop a recording. is there a way around this?

(2) is there a way to achive the following: with my current setup, when i press a pad it records a track. when i press it again, it stops the recorded loop. when i then press it again it overdubbs the track. this is not what i want. after recording and playing a loop i would like to use the same pad to mute/switch off the track instead of overdubbing.

please forgive me if this has already been answered but i did not find it via forum search.

Have a great day, all you out there!

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