Input Gain Slider not working!!!

Is that a Bug? I am using built in mic, no audio interfce. Try reinstall, not working.


  • Nope, not a Loopy bug - for some reason it seems to be impossible to adjust the system input gain when using the built-in mic. You gotta plug something in for input gain controls to become available. That's an iOS deal, not Loopy, I'm afraid.

  • Yep,when i plug in the iRig, the slider works again. Then it was locked after disconnect the iRig.

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    How do beatboxers seen in the demo videos manage to record reasonable, un-clipped audio levels seemingly via the iPhone mic then?

    I'm getting massively distorted audio (discovered when I plugged the iPhone into an amp) when I record my guitar via the mic.

  • @sam.spoons - what version iOS and Loopy are you using. I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.2 and Loopy 1.6.1. The input gain slider is not greed out and works. It functions slightly different (slide left almost turns off mic) with a stereo output cable connected to the headphone jack, but either way it still functions.

  • iOS 9.3.2 on a 6S and Loopy downloaded last week so pretty much up to date :( Input gain is definitely not available when using the mic, even with headphones plugged in.

    We're also discussing this on the other thread (sorry, just confusing the issue, better in one place even if it's slightly OT in the other thread?)

  • Yes, I'm afraid the 6S simply doesn't support gain settings. You get gain back if you plug in headphones which have a mic (like the ones that come with the phone), but not with micless headphones. Sucks, I know!!

  • ...But you know, I just tested, and I'm not seeing the same total-lack-of-bass-response now, if I internally disable measurement mode. Measurement mode was a 'hack' we had to use in the past to bypass Apple's highpass filter (thereby getting our bass response back), but we paid a penalty: the built-in automatic gain controls were disabled.

    But I have a feeling maybe Apple have since fixed the underlying problem, because it sounds fine to me now. Make sure you're on the beta list, I'll send out a build over the next week without measurement mode. Should solve your levels problem.

  • Thanks I've added myself to the beta list. I have several iDevices, the main ones on iOS8 and 9 but I think my iPad 2 is on iOS7 still (and I have iPhone 4s and 5s too.......).

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