what pedals does everybody use?

Interested in the different midi pedals options that everybody use.


  • Behringer FCB1010 - a bit bulky, but very durable.

  • Boss FC 50. Only 5 usable pedals but built like a tank, takes batteries and can be expanded by 4 CC controller pedals.

  • kmi softstep2, korg nanopad2 (DIY PEDAL with 8 pads)

  • I'm building a custom pedal right now.

  • @ABrokenRecord what material are you using on top? I'm also building a custom pedal board using the guts of an iCade. What's inside of yours?

  • Mine too is a metal sheet I was able to pick up and get cut to size. The guts are a NanoKontrol2.

  • Looks great! I'm waiting for my switches to arrive from China...

  • holy MIDI tap-dancing, batman!!!

    Now that is a pedal board. I'm guessing you are running MIDI controlled effects on the iPad also? Or planning to use all those switches for Loopy HD?

  • Not recommended I'm getting a Griffin Stompbox set up with MIDI Designer Pro and OnSong... a bit of a hassle and lots of workarounds. (but Amazon has the Stompbox for cheap so I'm hoping it will work for me)

  • A Gordius LGX2 (Big Little Giant 2).

  • @Hmtx actually it's pretty much all loopy (each of the 6 loops has 2 switches to control mute/record/unmute and overdub) and then some for master effects and controls. I may use 1 for muting my mic input.

  • @ABrokenRecord looks beautiful. Honestly I think you should manufacture and sell them.

    @rex I got a looptimus. It's great. Only prob is that there are only really six programmable switches immediately on hand; you have to switch to different banks for more. I really like @abrokenrecord 's approach.

  • Essentially, I wish I were better at making things

  • @veitchtweets unfortunately, it wouldn't be worth it. The nanokontrols are a pain to solder and the metal, wood, and labor would drive the cost up too high. The pedal isn't worth more than say 125-150 dollars, but there is close to $100 in material and many hours of labor involved.

    It's been a fun project so far with my dad. (He's a skill carpenter and understands electronics pretty well which helps).

    I really liked my FCB1010 for the three years I used it FWIW.

  • Currently using IK multimedia Blueboard (with its app) which is good as its low latency and battery powered for busking.. but looking into ripping apart a Bluetooth computer keyboard and detouring its comments into a wedged medal pedal stomp box

  • @ABrokenRecord said:
    I'm building a custom pedal right now.

    Wanna build me one that's Bluetooth?! Epic! Love it!

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