My New Set Up + Feedback/Suggestions

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First of all, I have to say this app has gone far past my expectations. I've dabbled before with apps, but they always are never as good as what it is emulating. This one surpasses what it is emulating. You should also know that I've been using the Digitech JamMan for the past 5 years and have played over 250 gigs with it and absolutely love it, but it is extremely limited and not in stereo.

My set-up right now is the following:

Epiphone SST Studio - Vox Wah - MicroPog - Micro Q-Tron - BBE Green Screamer into a Behringer XYNEX502 Mixer
Roland Hand Sonic 10 into the Behringer XYNEX502 Mixer
Microphone into the mixer as well

The Main Outputs from the mixer into a Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal (Run Stereo)
The Line 6 DL4 into an Edirol UA25-EX Audio Interface (this is where it gets tricky)
The two outs from the AI to two tracks on my GigRac Powered Mixer (Split between the two amps for stereo sound)

The USB Power into a Belkin USB Hub into the Apple Camera Connection Kit into the iPad (LOOPY HD)

Problem: There wasn't enough power, so I had to connect another USB chord (Y Chord) one end into a Apple Charger Adapter and the other end into one of the ports. Problem solved.

As you can see, it's a complex setup right now, but I will simplify it and make it better as I go through this. I will also be adding the Behringer FCB1010 Midi Controller for foot control.

The sound is awesome. I've tried the iRig and it's a waste of money. The sound is tiny and compromised. This sound that I get is fantastic quality and there is very little noise that I hear coming through the PA (Yes, there is some because of all the pedals and electronics I use).

Future suggestions: (I've mentioned some before)

1. Be able to press record and have it not start until you play the first note. (Auto Record Feature)
2. Be able to end all loops at once with one press of the bottom.
3. Be able to input effects (I know this one is coming Michael, and I'm stoked) to loops such as delays, reverbs, and especially EQing/filters)

This app has helped me evolve as a looper already. I'm coming up with even crazier ideas that before. I can't wait to really start working with this even more!


  • Here is a picture of my mess, I mean rig.
  • This made my day, @ABrokenRecord - thanks so much! What a setup. Is the cat an integral part?

    (some of my todo list:)
  • Another cool feature would be that when you turn off a loop it plays until the end of the loop and then turns off. The opposite as well...have the loop start when the main loop goes through one more time them begin. Almost like a one more time feature. This would eliminate timing issues to turn on and off loops.
  • See "Count-In/Out Mute" in Settings =)
  • Really? I was wondering what those meant! YOU ARE THE MAN!
  • I am going to be posting some demo videos that I hope really show off the capabilities of this app. I'll send you the links when I finish them.
  • By the way, that list is awesome. I've already took the poll for effects and am really excited to see what comes in the future. What really seperates this app from ALL pedals and major companies is that it seems you are committed to making updates based on the users and will have them available for us to download/purchase. Unlike Digitech, BOSS, Line6, etc. where your equiptment becomes outdated and you have to go out and spend another $400 on a new station. This really could change the looping community!
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