Pitch Shifting

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So is there away to affect pitch in Loopy by messing with the speed of the loop?

I'd love a half speed and double speed option like on the Line 6 stuff

That and reverse is the only thing I'm missing to make Loopy my perfect solution.


  • Not yet, @TaySte_2000, no - but I'm intending to add this with the rest of the FX in an update to come relatively soon.
  • Rest of the fx?
  • ....Also coming =)
  • I meant what other fx? :D

    Have you ever heard of Steve Lawson? (http://www.stevelawson.net/)

    One of the best solo bassists around, he runs looping masterclasses and he was telling me 2 vocalists turned up last week running Loopy

    I'm trying to show him that Loopy HD could legitimately replace his insanely complex Looperlative :D but that thing does some insane stuff.
  • Oh, all of them ;-)

    Sorry, I thought you were referring to speed/reverse, hehe.

    My plan regarding FX at this stage is to basically release them in FX packs, and just keep building and releasing packs. The top priorities at the moment are reverse, delay, decay, pitch/speed and echo/reverb, but there will be more coming. I've got a list going at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=question&id=219136051461469&qa_ref=qd where I'm tracking demand.

    Wow, that's cool! Independently, or were the 2 vocalists together?
  • I believe independently but he did say they also had pedal loopers that were their core setup.

    I think people want to switch but just have no idea how to fully replace a more established route, I'll see what I can do to change that. Certainly in the bass world
  • Right, yep.

    Well, that's much appreciated ;-) I'll do what I can to smooth the way on my end!
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