Live Monitoring (Audio Thru) Feature Request:

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Loopy has multi track routing which I can route to cubasis.
Currently when recording in to LoopyHD, monitoring of any input by default is sent to main out.
It would be great if there was an option to send input monitor Thru the current recording track to its out so it can be monitored from cubasis during recording mode or any other app that track is routed to.

Right now we only hear the routed track output when it is playback mode..
but would be realy useful if we could hear it route output while in record mode

And lets call this new feature (Audio Thru) <---just like midi thru ;)


  • Good idea, @Quinnx!

  • Hello! I love Loopy and have been making loops using a simple Shure mic that connects to my lightning input.

    Now I'm trying to record loops using an external microphone that runs to my Behringer XENYX Q802USB Mixer and then connects to the ipad using USB > lightning. It seems to be working fine to record the loop on my ipad however I can't hear my loop through the 1/8" headphone jack or the ipad speaker until I unplug the lightning / USB connection. Is there any way for me to keep the mic plugged in and hear my loops simultaneously like I do with my Shure mic? If so please let me know how! Thank you!

  • I know that IK Multimedia iRig Pro interface works the way you want (record via interface and output via 1/8" headphone jack of the ipad), but any other interface that i tried shutted down the ipad inteface and replaced it with its own. I guess you are in such a situation with your behringer device. (and i don't know any switch posibility between outputs, maybe it's possible... ?)

  • @naboo is right, iPad and iPhones generally always work like this. It is the same for all apps on iOS devices (its not a Loopy issue).

    when you plug in a external audio interface, the headphone and speakers are disabled. all audio is routed to your Q802 and you'll have to plug in headphones or speakers to the Q802.

    The only exception is if you are using a USB mic. iOS will determine that the USB mic does not have any audio output, so the speaker/ headphones will still be active.

  • Thank you @naboo and @Hmtx ! Yes I want to hear the loop through loopy coming out of the headphone jack. I'm going to see if this IK iRig works with this setup. Will keep you posted.

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