Feature request: select output track(s)

Hi Michael,

I'm very impressed with Loopy's capabilities and I use it for gigging as well. One thing I miss is the ability to tell Loopy which tracks to use as output when connected to a multitrack sound interface.

Let me illustrate: my iPad Air is connected to an RME Fireface UCX via the camera connection kit. There's a really powerful mixer application by RME that allows to route incoming and outgoing audio in every way imaginable with 18 input and 18 output channels and with virtually zero latency. I'm able to send multiple sources to Loopy (three audio inputs and audio from another app, such as Animoog). The problem arises due to the fact that both Animoog and Loopy can only output audio through playback channels 1 and 2, so whenever I want to loop the output from Animoog, I end up looping the entire Loopy output signal as well.

It would be great if Loopy's output channels could be set arbitrarily, the same way as you can choose the input channel(s) when you have more than two available. Is such a feature in the works, or is it already available and I've missed it?

You can skip this part: Right now, my solution is to use Cubasis as a 'hub' for routing apps through IAA. Cubasis has the ability to make use of all 18 playback channels of the Fireface, so I can route Animoog to 3 and 4, which I can then route through the Fireface's low-latency mixer to Loopy. Unfortunately, this causes an audible latency when recording to Loopy, just enough to make it really hard to keep a consistent groove. That's why I find it would make the most sense to have this ability in Loopy.


  • You might check out the just-today-released AUM app from Kymatica:


    You can bring each track from Loopy in via IAA and then out to your RME device.

  • I love you, internet! :smile:

    @lukesleepwalker, thanks for this tip! Will definitely look into it.

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    [EDIT] AUM works great and it offers multiple hardware output channels. Thank you Jon Lijedahl for your quick feedback! I did notice, however, that sometimes the multichannel output capability becomes unavailable. I imagine it has to do with certain apps 'taking over' a certain aspect of the iOS audio architecture and reducing the output channels to just one stereo pair, preventing other apps from 'seeing' the additional output channels. I also found out that launching apps in a certain order may influence this behaviour, though I'm not sure I can replicate the same results every time.

    Hmm, not what I was hoping for. The only output option is 'USB (Fireface)', no possibility to select individual channels.

    And what's further, the Cubasis solution isn't working anymore. Channels 3 and 4 appear to be playing back fine in Cubasis, but send no input to Fireface's playback channels 3 and 4. How frustrating!

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    Interesting, @bass0. I'm still dipping my toe into AUM and I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, but it is also a bit overwhelming to both my brain and my iPad's CPU.

    A warning as well: both projects I tested between LoopyHD and AUM experienced weirdness afterward with time stretching/tempo with certain Loopy tracks. I have sent the bug to @Michael but I'm scratching my head over it all. I guess it could be unrelated to AUM; we'll see if Michael can take a look...



  • @lukesleepwalker, no issues with sync, but I'll keep an eye out for this behaviour.

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