firehawk fx

I'm looking for some advice if anyone can help .............
I gig live with drum loops. Loopy HD is ideal for this.
I've just bought a line 6 firehawk fx pedal to change my guitar sounds. One feature of this pedal is that it will play back any sound from my ipad through the pedal (bluetooth). Indeed it does, ios music app, propellerheads figure etc.
However loopy HD does not output through my pedal........
Has anybody got an idea why?
Also is it possible to 'cue' a loop, so that it will begin at the end of the previous loop's cycle? This will assist me from changing from one loop to another when playing live.




    1. loopy doesn´t send audio via bluetooth because bluetooth will make a little latency and that´s not acceptable doing live looping.
    2. sorry, but there is no way of cueing the loops. it´s still necessary to stop and start the loops individually.
      maybe loopy masterpiece will do what you want.
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